Bhabanagara, international journal of Bengal Studies, is a peer-reviewed journal published two times of a year by the Bhabanagara Foundation. The journal publishes original articles in the field of Bengal or Bangla Studies, as broadly defined. The views expressed are the authors, not necessarily those of the Foundation or its officials. Articles and communications should be sent to the editor. Books and audio recordings for review and citations for current publications should also be sent to the appropriate editor or bibliographer.

The vision of Bhabanagara is to create a long-term coordination between research initiatives in the field of Bengal Studies in the international arena. Scholars in many countries in Europe, America and Asia have for decades worked on Bengal Studies focusing on the rich and widely popular cultural traditions in the Bangla language.  But now a need is felt to incorporate these disconnected ventures into a mainstream confluence of international Bengal Studies.

This publication will articulate the achievements, characteristics and historical chronology of Bengal Studies, which will hopefully prove stimulating to the researchers of subsequent generations and provide them with effective directions for future research. This process will also re-invigorate interpersonal relationships between faculty in universities across Europe, North and South America, and Asia where Bangla, Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian, Urdu and Hindi languages are research disciplines as a subset of Asian languages and literature. The potential for greater inter-connectedness greatly encourages us as we shape Bhabanagara into an effective international tool for Bengal Studies.


The structure of Bhabanagara

Bhabanagara is an open access online journal. The journal will mainly present various research initiatives in the field of Bangla language, culture and literature in the international arena. There will be at least two publications around the year. It will also publish articles and book reviews mostly written in Bangla. But we will also publish articles written in English along with their Bangla translations. Every Bangla article will contain a summary in English and every English article will contain a summary in Bangla.

We will follow this procedure while publishing discussions and reviews on research books written in various languages. For example, publishing English reviews of books written in Bangla and publishing Bangla reviews of books written in English. Reviews of books written in other languages will be published in either English or in Bangla.

Articles submitted by research writers will be sent to two selected editors from a panel of editors. They will evaluate the articles and send them to the writer for further correction and improvement. After completing the corrections following the directions of the editors the article will be considered for the journal.

Bhabanagara will be keen on complementing the perception of Bengal Studies that have been cherished for a long time. It will unveil the diversity of Bangla language, culture and literature to the rest of the world. This diversity comes from the merge of various languages into Bangla including Sanskrit, Arabic and Farsi.

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