Bhabnagar 2nd Volume – April 2015

Bhabnagar 2nd Vol 2015 Cover 1 copy



International Journal of Bengal Studies


ISSN 2313-6065


Editorial advisory board

Emeritus Professor Anisuzzaman

Professor Hayat Mamud

Professor Syed Manzoorul Islam

Professor Mohit Ul Alam

Architect Rafiq Azam

Writer-Translator Mashrur Arefin


Assistant Editor

Nazmin Mortuza


Associate Editor

Nurunnabi Shanto


Cover Lettering

Qayyum Chowdhury


Cover Design

Gupu Trivedi



Saymon Zakaria


Published by

Bhabnagar Foundation

Chekuthi, Concord Emporium, 45 Basement

253-254, Elephant Road, Katabon, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.

Phone : +8801830203322, E-mail :


Editorial Board and Contents List

Bhabnagar 2nd Vol 2015_Artical 1 [The Alternation of the meters payara and tripadi  in The Iusuph-Jolekha of Sah Muhammad Sagir by Max Stille]

Bhabnagar 2nd Vol 2015_Article 2 [Lalon Fakir in Bengal and Sufism in Islam by Masahiko Togawa]

Bhabnagar 2nd Vol 2015_Article 3 [Ramas in Krittibas and Madhusudan by Clinton B. Seely]

Bhabnagar 2nd Vol 2015_Article 4 [The Yoga of Aleister Crowley : An Inquiry into its Resemblance to Bengali Baul and Sufi Practice by Keith E. Cantú]

Bhabnagar 2nd Vol 2015_Article 5 [An Ethnomusicological Perspective on Baul-ness in Bangladesh by Bertie Kibreah]

Bhabnagar 2nd Vol 2015_Article 6 [Oriental and Bengali Culture practices by Yankee Merchents by Sirajul Islam]

Bhabnagar 2nd Vol 2015_Book Review-1 [Bangla Grammar by Hanne-Ruth Thompson by Nurunnabi Shanto]

Bhabnagar 2nd Vol 2015_Interview [Language, Literature and Culture of Bengal – hard to disentangle by Hans Harder]

Bhabnagar 2nd Vol 2015_Notes on Contributors

Bhabnagar 2nd Vol 2015_Instructions for Contributors

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