The activities for which the Foundation will be active immediately are the following:


Art & Culture for development:

Jari Gan

Jari Gan

Theatre, music, dance and other cultural legacy would be focused in every developmental practice, at the same time, committed to work with traditional culture, intangible heritage or to reveal the misplaced, marred of it with wide range research and documentation.






Krisna Jatra

Art, Culture and Livelihood:

A great enabler, Culture, fosters social inclusion, which use culture both as a product and as a process, is innovatively used for skill empowerment at grass roots level to build micro enterprise with their desired and skill aligning to local market and demand. The vision in promoting art and culture as a livelihood is to rejuvenate the dying art form of extinction, facilitate perpetuation of skill and make them more acceptable for contemporary audience by safeguarding, capacity building, networking, research and documentation. Cultural traditions shall be revitalized through training, exposure and promotion. New markets are created and new brands are developed to promote traditional performing and visual arts. Culture thus offers new options for livelihood. Our motto is “To preserve art, let the artists survive”.


Art and Culture:

Including, cultures of local and indigenous communities and local knowledge systems, that is promotion of cultural activities, lifestyles and values of various communities of Bangladesh representing spiritual and the philosophical wisdom rooted in the history of peace building and social harmony, particularly the teachings of Fakir Lalon Shah and other major spiritual leaders of Bangladesh.


Handlooms and crafts:

Promotion of handloom and handloom products and the enhancement of the social and economic interest of handloom producers; promoting handloom and strengthening handloom sector.



Establishing, schools and colleges for the community or university for advanced and higher learning, also setting residential places and spaces of learning in science, technology, philosophy and the wisdom of positive lifestyle building particularly emphasizing the oral tradition and cultures, distribute books free of cost among the poor students.


Sister concerns:

Foundation dream to establish national/international cultural institute, International Lalon Academy, Folk music, dance, film and theater Institute, Handicrafts, circus, puppet and any other educational and training institute, school and publication house in future.


Creative or innovative initiative:

Organization wish to make feature film, documentary film, TV drama, TV documentary, TV talk show, stage play, dance drama, music show, Interview etc.