Though culture is considered to be the essence of the life of a nation, the contemporary education system excludes traditional aspects of culture and thus they are out of practice. Vabnagar Foundation wants to institutionalize the force of our traditional culture nationally and all over the world. We hope, the common people of Bangla will appreciate and be involved in the process of education and research to revive and develop our history supported cultural affluence.


Our international education centers including the monastery of Somapur Bihara which was set up at Paharpur in Joypurhat, attracted teachers, researchers, scholars, saints and devotees of Buddha to stay there and cultivate knowledge and education. This made tremendous influence in the arenas of education and research at home and abroad. The monastery reflects our rich heritage in knowledge, education and culture. Our great ancestor-teacher Atish Dipangkar was invited by the Tibetan king in the 11th Century. The Chinese people including the Tibetans recognize that a constant stream of educational exchanges took place between the Buddhist Gurus and travelers of the two countries in the ancient times.


Lalon Sain is one of the brightest among the ancient Bengali international Gurus. He enchanted the whole world with his musical works of knowledge, culture and humanitarian philosophy. Researchers from the USA, the UK, Japan and many other countries recognized Lolon’s philanthropic notes in music and the life of his followers as models. But our current education system has not recognized Lalon’s philosophy and music. Resultantly, our young generations are not aware of this great national heritage; rather seem to devoid of self-respect and patriotism.


Thus Vabnagar Foundation dreams of founding a cultural force through its vision and mission to highlight our national image in the international fields. It is committed to reviving the cultural origin and spreading the essence of its beauty in order draw back our attention to the root of our nationhood.



Culture for Education, Research and Development

Certificate of Registration of Societies (Act No – XXI of 1860)

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